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Tromso, Norway: Dog Sledding & Northern Lights Chase - 5 Days

Tromso, Norway: Dog Sledding & Northern Lights Chase



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Norway is small. I mean really small. At about 5 million souls, its population is the size of the state of Alabama. We’d forgive you for forgetting its small size, however, as you’re barreling across the frozen fjords of Tromso, behind nearly a dozen, well practiced, strong, and preternaturally trained Siberian huskies.

A little later in the day, while walking the colorful streets of this most picturesque harbor-town, you start to pickup on something.

Wait, is that another old wooden house? And another? Wait, how many freaking old wooden houses are in this town? How many Norwegians live here again? Tromso is way bigger than I’d expect for being north of the Arctic Circle. And cooler too. Not colder, but cooler … like in that hipster James Dean meets Deep House rave kinda way. And between Norway’s one-trillion dollar sovereign financial endowment (thanks to the country’s wealth of petroleum resources) and more than 15,000 miles of pristine coastline … wait, what the heck is really going on here? It seems that things are actually pretty big here in this country, not least of which being those alien-like bands of glowing green lights wavering across the sky.

Jamie is mad for this adventure. He’s been mentally mushing dogs since confusing the heck out of his family’s Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the suburban backyards of North Carolina.

We’ll settle into our time in the Arctic Circle by coming together for a couple days to enjoy the quirks and colors of Tromso, all set against a backdrop of stunning fjords and craggy peaks.

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