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Morocco: Marrakech Riad to Sahara Camelback - 7 Days

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Morocco: Marrakech Riad to Sahara Camelback

When it comes down to it — you’ve either been to Marrakech or you haven’t. There’s no in-between. There’s no, “Maybe I was there. I kinda, sorta remember it.” Yves Saint Laurent,  head of the House of Dior and arguably the most important fashion designer of the 20th century, seemingly agrees with comments like, “A visit to Marrakech was a great shock to me. This city taught me color.” The sights, sounds, smells — the overwhelming look and feel of the Red City of Morocco — well, it just takes your breath away in different ways. This city has taught GlobeKick a lot over these last couple of years. And we’re returning back to continue the adventure. Here’s your chance to jump in.

Join us on this classic GlobeKick adventure as we journey from Marrakech and descend through the Atlas Mountains to explore traditional Berber culture and the Sahara Desert, including the lunar, rocky landscape of Zagora, the mountainous dunes of Erg Chebbi and Merzouga, and the Dades and Todra Gorges.

We’ll spend our first couple nights together in a traditional Moroccan riad in Marrakech, where you’ll have ample time to explore the bustling souks of the Medina … but be prepared. The vibrancy of Marrakech has a tendency to shock. The sounds of tradesmen at work, the aroma of spices and tinctures, and the kaleidoscope of rugs, scarves, and beautiful wares make the experience both thrilling and exhausting.

GlobeKick began “it’s complicated” love affair with Morocco in 2016 while spending Thanksgiving in Marrakech. We’re grateful and excited to share our love as a team for this amazing place and culture with new GlobeKick members from near and far.

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