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Chios, Greece: School Support Volunteering - 7 Days

Chios, Greece: School Support Volunteering

Chios is alive. Unlike some of the other Greek Islands, Chios still has an actual working life. There are actually fisherman still doing their jobs. There are still people growing things. It’s a reflective experience to visit this beautiful Island off the coast of Turkey. You’re not just walking through a vacation video. Nope. Real people live here, struggle here, smile here. And many of those living day-to-day on this fifth largest of the more than 2,000 Greek Isles are stuck in one of Europe’s most struggling economies. Many are finding refuge here from migrations eastward out of places like Syria & Turkey. As becomes painfully evident, crystal waters, sandy beaches, and stunning views maybe great for tourism on some Islands, but for the real Islanders on the very real Chios, well, you can’t eat those things.

Rad’s sister, Shadia Fayne Wood, has continually inspired GlobeKick’s sense of larger purpose in our travels around the planet. She founded and manages Project Survival Media, an organization connecting the arts to impactful purpose while chronicling the climate change movement. Lately, Shadia has been doing a lot of writing, speaking, and organization around amplifying awareness and providing assistance for those impacted during the ongoing mass migration of refugees to Europe. Each year hundreds of thousands walk, swim, hitch their way out of the destruction and horrors of Syria’s bloody & ongoing civil war. In fact, this past Spring, Shad Kickstarted a huge effort to fund and build a training program for Syrian Refugee children living in camps in Lebanon. GlobeKick was inspired to stand up.

Finding Chios, Greece to be one of the main entry points for many migrants into Europe, we’ve decided to act. Many of the schools on the Island have been bursting at the seams in an effort to help educate and assist children who have been forced into migration from war. We’re heading to Greece for a week to help.

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