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Cambodia: Phnom Penh & The Elephant Valley Project - 7 Days

Cambodia: Phnom Penh & The Elephant Valley Project

Anthony Bourdain once said of Cambodia, “So, how do I sum up Cambodia? That’s the wrong question. You don’t sum it up. You open your eyes, you let it happen, you breathe it in.” In light of Tony’s guidance on the matter, when we asked Jamie for a review of GlobeKick’s Cambodia he stayed well clear of some boring old summary, “Well, if something profound isn’t happening out there, at least it feels like it is.”

Phnom Penh feels like no other place on the planet. The name itself conjures up  dreamy  visions of the exotic. The shining spires of the Royal Palace, the fluttering saffron of the monks’ robes, and the whirl of life (and motorbikes!) moving in all directions on the banks of the storied Mekong – Cambodia’s capital awakens something within you. Our following trek into the jungles of Mondulkiri takes us further into a growing feeling of trust and connection with this romantic land.  And just then, our volunteer work with the Elephant Valley Project brings it all into focus: these big majestic creatures, like Cambodia itself, feel resilient, loved, and bigger than a summary. Bravo Tony.

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