My GlobeKick Journey

By Tracy C. 

Over the last 10 months I have been fortunate enough to have found one of the best travel families in the world, and I say that in all sincerity. 🌎

I have built bridges, quite literally and figuratively, in countries and places that I hadn’t previously dreamed of going. I met strangers in a foreign country, that have become best friends, that I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. You could say I was looking for something in the “middle of somewhere” when it all began and has brought together new, old, and growing friendships along the journey. 🌍

@globekick has helped me to peel back the layers, move aside the curtain, and open up to what the world has to offer while traveling along side some truly spectacular human beings. I’ve learned to not be afraid to go down that dark alleyway into the unknown, but to embrace the journey of the unknown. Inevitably you learn so much about yourself and who knows who you will meet along the way. My GlobeKick travel journey has brought me memories and friendships that will last a lifetime and I know this is just the beginning. These photos represent the journey, the process, and the heart and soul of what makes GlobeKick so special. 🌏

Thank you for welcoming me to the GK family and showing me the light, no matter how hard it can be to see sometimes 😏 *here’s lookin at you, Northern Lights* 🌕

Morocco ▪️Panama ▪️Cambodia ▪️Norway ▪️ and many more to go… GK🚀❤️