The Discovery Questionnaire

千里之行 始於足下

The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.

-Lao Tzu


You have taken the first step. And, believe us when we say, here at GK we know a thing or two about taking first steps. Aside from taking literal first steps on the ground– that is, by personally leading more than 200 travelers over the course of 14 (and counting!) trips around the planet— the Discovery Questionnaire that you are about to meet represents a monumentous, and long-planned first step for us as a company. In fact, it’s the first of its kind for any company. Period. After years of Discovering adventures at the request of friends (“hey man, have you ever been to … “) and Planning getaways for family (“do you think I would like … “), we taken the step to put our collective experience into practice.

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What is the DQ?

The Discovery Questionnaire (or “DQ” for short) is the dynamic distillation of the travel-brains of everyone behind the adventures that built GK. Put more robotically — it’s an algorithmic learning rubric purpose-built for customizing adventure itineraries, all powered by hundreds of hours of our codified imaginativeness, care, and road-wisdom. So, yeah. It’s a helluva first step. And now it’s at your feet.The DQ has been years in the making and thematically synthesizes three main perspectives of decision analysis — the real-world travel experiences of the Founders of GlobeKick (Jamie, Russ, and Rad) ; the latest trends in online travel agency data (that is, airfare and experiential booking-data trends across huge travel search platforms) ; qualitative reporting on the latest and greatest in adventure trips done by top tier industry publications– into an intake questionnaire format. The DQ is smart. Like really smart.

How does it work?

Well. It’s complicated. But, to simplify things, we can put it this way: the 25 Discovery Questionnaire questions are each set to scores, the scores are then weighted and balanced on the overall to produce a final total, which is then taken down a decision-tree of dozens and dozens of learned variables, before … waabaam! the magic of modern computing does a whole lot of crunching and we receive back a machine-learned destination and itinerary recommendation. Because every adventure needs a soul, we then Soul Test (that is, one of our Discovery Designers inspects, double-checks, and stress-tests each recommendation) before emailing out your personalized web link, which hosts your Discoverer Dossier. That dossier contains your personal Adventure Discovery in Five Parts: Briefing from the Founders, Adventure Overview, DIY Itinerary, Preparatory Notes, and Recommended Providers. The whole process takes 72 hours from your DQ submission to final receipt of your Discoverer Dossier.

Royal-Palace-Cambodia edited Zishan, Jill, and Desa in Panama City, GlobeKick

Three Things

1. Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry : The DQ should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. Don’t be afraid to spend some time thinking through each question, but, in our experience, this form is best completed in one session. As is the case, we haven’t included a way to save your progress, so be sure you’re in a good spot to commit the time and attention before getting underway.2. Trust your Gut :No one knows you better than you! The DQ questions are rendered and organized to get at the core of your adventurous-self. If you find yourself pausing between two answer choices, go with your first instinct! When in doubt, go with your gut answer. 3. Once You’ve Finished : At the end of the DQ, hit the “Submit” button. You’ll receive an email confirmation of submission in return. We’ll then be in touch in approximately 72 hour with your custom adventure!

Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

As Alice herself learned in Wonderland, we’ll leave you with this final instruction, Dear Discoverer.