10 of the Least-Visited Countries in the World

Here at GlobeKick we love pushing the envelope and traveling to remote locations. Most of these locations have incredible charm and are perfect if you don’t want crowds. Here is a list of  ten of the least-traveled to countries in the world:


An island in the middle of the pacific ocean is the smallest island nation in the world. Back in 2017 there were only 130 visitors and a population of roughly 13,000. To get there it is only a 4 and 35 hour flight from Brisbane, Australia. A important note it is that a tourist visa is required to visit and must be obtain before landing.


Tuvalu is a country consisting of 9 islands. Most of the locals speak English and the street signs are in English. Funafuti Conservation Area is the perfect place to go snorkelling or diving among tropical fish and sea turtles. Less than 1000 people have traveled to Tuvalu last year. There are two flights a week out of Fiji.


A small country nestled between Austria & Switzerland. Liechtenstein is the perfect place to enjoy nature with many hikes and lush green valleys. There are medieval castles to explore as well the modern European city of Valduz. There are no tourist visas required and is only a 90 minute train ride from Zurich. With roughly 79,000 visitors ( Almost double the actual population) this is one of the least visited countries in Europe.

4. East Timor

East Timor is a young country located in Southeast Asia. The country has faught for independence from Portgual and Indonesia and finally becoming a country in 2002. The official language is Portuguese and the number of visitors they saw in 2017 was about 74,000. The country has beautiful beaches with incredible snorkeling. East Timor is also know for its whale and dolphin sightings. There is a direct flight from Bali and a 30-day tourist visa is required but can be purchased at arrival.

5. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is the listed visited African country and is squished between Cameroon and Gabon. The Congo rainforest runs through the country and is home to Chimpanzees, Hippos, and Gorillas. There are gorgeous black sand beaches and crystal clear water. In 2017 Equatorial Guinea saw around 2,400 visitors. There is not a tourist visa required but you must provide proof of yellow fever and polio vaccinations.

6. Liberia

Liberia is an Western African country that shares a boarder with Sierra Leone & the Ivory Coast. Sapo National Park is a very popular national park in western Africa. There are laid-back beach towns with great surf. There are three airlines that service Monrovia which is the capital of Liberia. A tourist visa is required and must be acquired before arriving in Liberia.

7. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia and was an integral part of the silk road trade route. Entry to the country is very difficult because obtaining a tourist visa is a challenge. You can only enter the country through a guided tour and most tour guides will help you with your visa. There are stunning marble buildings with golden domes and many exotic mosque. It is one of the least explored countries on the silk road only having around 7,000 visitors.


The country of Kiribati is a collections of over 30 islands located in the center of the Pacific ocean. There are flights twice a week from Fiji and there is not a tourist visa required. This is the perfect adventure for going to explore one of the least developed countries in the world. The beaches are hardly touched and the water is every shade of green and blue.

9.Sao Tomé and Principe

This island nation sits of the West coast of Africa. There are mountains to hike,beautiful beaches to layout on, and  jungles to explore. This country offers a little bit of everything. The Obo national park takes up roughly 60% of the island and has an immense amount of exotic birds. If you are staying less than 15 days you do not need a visa but you do need proof of yellow fever vaccination.


Tonga is a kingdom made up of over a 150 islands. This is an adventurer paradise with sailing, fishing, and kitesurfing. Tonga is only a 3 hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand into the main island. There are large coral reefs perfect for snorkeling and diving. Tonga sits in the South Pacific with gorgeous beaches and is slowly climbing everyones top travel list.

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