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We know this place primarily for its connection. More than 100 years ago, as World War was simmering in Europe, faraway jungles were being cut through and deep digging done, so that we might make the world a faster place for trade, transport, and connection. The truth is, however, there is so much more to connect to in Panama than what a canal can do for you. Sure, it’s a thing to see. But have you ever seen 365 pieces of paradise scattered out like marbles into the Caribbean: the, largely uninhabited, coated in coconut palms, San Blas Islands. Have you ever met The Guna, a tribe indigenous to Panama, who still protect these islands as their land, their culture, and their independence. Have you ever stayed in place that had no hotels, no chain restaurants, no foreign-owned anything, no WIFI! We hadn’t either, until we had.

Join us on this classic GlobeKick adventure to experience the atmospheric labyrinth of churches, plazas and palaces of Old Town Panama; 4X4 exploring to the coast, and the timeless calm of pristine white sandy beaches with crystal clear water.

Rad, took this boat journey through the San Blas in 2013 and calls it one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring adventures of his life. He’s been on countless adventures in over 54 countries, so you can understand why we’re eager to get down to Panama.

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