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Travel is medicine for the soul. We assess your unique interests and recommend high-impact trips at below-market rates.

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    Our proven methodology assesses your current comfort zone, unique interests, and personal goals to recommend experiences that will supercharge your life. Whether you need to explore a new frontier or find your Zen, you’ll learn which experiences will be highly impactful. 

  • Save Thousands of Dollars

    We cut out the unnecessary middlemen so that you can book trips at preferred rates. Membership provides over $50k in cost-savings in over 26 countries (and counting). By privately negotiating discounts of 10% – 50% off with hand-selected providers, we guarantee our members the best deals on hundreds of experiential trips, luxury escapes, and wellness retreats around the globe.

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    Become part of a global tribe of badass travelers, entrepreneurs, activists, professional athletes, artists, and business leaders who share a similar lust for life. Get to know other members through our community platform before, during, and after your travels.

  • Attend Exclusive Trips

    Join member-only trips led by the GlobeKick Founders. From dogsledding and chasing the Northern Lights in Norway, to camel trekking through the Sahara in Morocco, we choose a few of our favorite adventures each year and lead the group ourselves, GlobeKick style. 

Camel trekking in Morocco with GlobeKick Tracy Snorkeling

For a limited time,

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More Reasons To Join

  • Get Real, Unbiased Advice

    Travel agents and websites hawking travel deals are biased. They exploit clients by pushing the experiences that will pay them the largest affiliate commissions. We refuse to take affiliate commissions, recommending only what's best for you. 

  • Access Insider Perks & Resources

    Avoid costly mistakes and enjoy additional discounts on a wide range of travel resources. Exchange travel, lifestyle, and business advice with other knowledgeable members in the community and enjoy 24/7 access through our mobile-friendly network. 

  • Get Paid For Your Influence

    Good people attract good people. Become an Ambassador and we'll reward you for inviting friends into the GlobeKick tribe. Travel the world and get paid for sharing your experiences.

  • Help Protect Our Planet

    We are responsible and conscientious about the environment, so we donate a portion of every dollar to support the off-setting of carbon emissions, habitat conservation, and ocean restoration.

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Take advantage of discounts all over the world, including:

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  • Take The Discovery Quiz

    Learn your unique Adventure Score and Travel Style. 

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    Become a member and immediately access all the perks, savings, and recommendations. 

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    RSVP to member-only experiences, or use GlobeKick’s special discount codes to get preferred rates with all of our partners around the world. Connect with other members, swap advice, or coordinate travel plans together. It’s up to you. 

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Hundreds Of Deals

Check out some highlights. Hover over image to view details.(Become a member to access all the perks.)

Scuba Dive the Maldives

Non-member price = $1,200+
Member price = $900+Includes one full week of lodging, yoga 2x day, transfers, excursions, and more. 

Dogsled and Chase The Northern Lights in Norway

Non-member price = $2,600+ Member price = $1,150 6 nights of housing, transport from Tromso, most meals, guided Arctic exploration, dogsledding & Northern Lights chase, and more.  

Rejuvenate with a Yoga Retreat in Bali

Non-member price = $2,200+
Member-price = $1,980+Includes 6 nights of accommodations in a luxury villa in Ubud, meals, and more. 

Camel Trek & Glamp in the Sahara Desert

Non-member price = $2,000+ Member price = $950 Includes 6 nights of housing (riad housing in Marrakech, luxury tent in Sahara), in-country transport, most meals, guided tours of Marrakech, cooking class, ATV riding, camel-trekking, and more.  

Recharge on a Private Islands in the Philippines

Non-member price = $1,900+Member price = $1,710 Includes 6 days and 7 nights, meals, snorkeling from your own private beach, island hopping throughout the archipelago, 1 – 2 yoga/movement classes every day, private transport during the retreat, and more. 

Live on an Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia

Non-member price = $2,400+Member price = $950 6 nights of housing, transport from Phnom Penh, most meals, guided excursions including the S-21 prison and killing fields, 3 days / 2 nights at an Elephant Sanctuary in Mondulkiri, and more.  

Yoga, Movement, and Meditation on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Non-member price = $2,450+Member price = $2,205+ Includes 6 days of yoga, meditation, fresh cuisine, and more at a luxury villa just 25 minutes from Dubrovnik. 

Explore the Amazon from a Treehouse Lodge

Non-member price = $700+
Member price = $595+ Includes 3 days and 2 nights, lodging, meals, transfers, excursions, and more. 

Cruise Halong Bay, Vietnam

Non-member price = $400+ 
Member price = $288+Includes 3 days aboard a luxury river boat, all meals, kayaking, Tai Chi lessons, and more. 

See the The Northern Lights from a Glass Igloo in Finland

Non-member price = $1,250+
Member-price = $1,110+Explore Norway & Finland on a 6 day & 6 night trip. Includes in-country transport, accommodations in both hotel and glass igloo, most meals, and more. 

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Normally $1,200+
Member price = $900+
Includes 6 days & 5 nights with guides, lodging, meals, transfers, and more. 

Yoga, Surf, and Soul in Sri Lanka

Non-member price = $2,200+Member price = $1,980+ Includes 6 days of yoga, surfing, rejuvenation, and Ayurvedic healing at a luxury resort in Sri Lanka. 

Recharge with a Nature and Wellness Retreat in Colombia

Non-member price = $2,000+Member price = $1,800+ Includes 6 days of yoga, meals, a tubing trip, an immersive Kogi ceremony, a guided hike to the sacred lagoon, and more.

Wildlife Safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Details coming soon.

Oaxaca Wellness Retreat

Non-member price = $2,100+
Member-price = $1,890+Includes 6 nights of accommodations in a luxury villa, meals, cooking classes, mezcal tasting, and more. 

Explore The Galapagos

Non-member price = $2,600+
Member-price = $2,200+ 5-day, 7-day, and 10-day sailing trips through the Galapagos that include meals, transfers, excursions, and more. 

Hike & Horseback Ride Through Patagonia

Details coming soon.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Details coming soon. 

Sail the British Virgin Islands

Charter a boat in the British Virgin Islands. Member price = $125 per day 

Explore South Africa and Cage Dive with Great Whites

Details coming soon. 

Observe Orangutans in the Remote Jungles of Borneo, Malaysia

Details coming soon. 

[asp_product id=”1364″] What Our Members Say

Member Since 2018


On my first GlobeKick trip, I didn’t know a single person. I was so nervous. Was I really getting ready to spend a week in Morocco with a bunch of strangers? After a few days though, I knew I’d met people who would become lifelong friends. GlobeKick is doing something magical in bringing together warm, open-minded and genuine people from different backgrounds and connecting them through travel. GlobeKick has given me my best vacations and some of my best friends.

Gwen Fenzel – Ring Leader

Member Since 2018


It’s simple. I want to travel, learn, grow, and share what I see through my lens. Being surrounded by great people makes it that much more rewarding! 

Zishan Ali – Ring Leader

Member Since 2018


GlobeKick has changed my life. Their excellent planning and attention to detail provided extraordinary cultural experiences I would not have experienced on my own. My worldview expanded with each trip and the friendships created along the way are ones I will cherish forever. GlobeKick taught me to conquer my fears and inspired me to continue exploring. I can’t wait to travel with them again soon.

Katherine Mayer – The Survivor

Member Since 2018


I’m trusting GlobeKick with all my vacation days from now on.

Tracy Catlin – The Warrior 

Member Since 2018


GlobeKick is amazing! So glad I took the opportunity in 2018 to book all my vacations days with GlobeKick. The adventures were all incredible and unforgettable. I expected to have great experiences but never expected to make such great friends as well. A very unique experience that I would highly recommend to any traveler.

Katie Eaton – The Pioneer



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