GlobeKicker Legacy Trip: Norway



Maximum 22 Members Can Be Accommodated


Norway is small. I mean really small. At about 5 million souls, its population is the size of the state of Alabama. We’d forgive you for forgetting its small size, however, as you’re barreling across the frozen fjords of Tromso, behind nearly a dozen, well practiced, strong, and preternaturally trained Siberian huskies.

A little later in the day, while walking the colorful streets of this most picturesque harbor-town, you start to pickup on something.

Wait, is that another old wooden house? And another? Wait, how many freaking old wooden houses are in this town? How many Norwegians live here again? Tromso is way bigger than I’d expect for being north of the Arctic Circle. And cooler too. Not colder, but cooler … like in that hipster James Dean meets Deep House rave kinda way. IMG_2687 And between Norway’s one-trillion dollar sovereign financial endowment (thanks to the country’s wealth of petroleum resources) and more than 15,000 miles of pristine coastline … wait, what the heck is really going on here? It seems that things are actually pretty big here in this country, not least of which being those alien-like bands of glowing green lights wavering across the sky.

Jamie is mad for this adventure. He’s been mentally mushing dogs since confusing the heck out of his family’s Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the suburban backyards of North Carolina.

We’ll settle into our time in the Arctic Circle by coming together for a couple days to enjoy the quirks and colors of Tromso, all set against a backdrop of stunning fjords and craggy peaks.

We’ll then head into the vastness of our very own Arctic expedition. After an overnight in a traditional Sami tent (called a lavvu) underneath The Northern Lights, we’ll explore the fjords of Tromsøya during a morning dogsledding drive.

Returning back to Tromso, there’s more than cause for curiosity in this charming backdrop and celebration with your fellow, newly-minted Arctic explorers.


  • Tromso Touring
  • Tasting Norwegian Cuisine
  • Aurora Camping in a chase for The Northern Lights
  • Dogsledding a team of Huskies
  • Experiencing authentic Sami culture
  • Optional: cross-country skiing, reindeer herding, snowshoe safariing
  • Optional: ice fishing, snowmobiling, whale watching (from kayaks!)


5 nights in Tromso guesthouse (shared room)

1 night in a traditional Sami tent (shared)


Day 1 - Day 3: Life in a Northern Town

  • We will gather at our guesthouse in the early afternoon of our first day in Tromso. After mixing and mingling around some warm beverages, we’ll head into town to begin to get to know the charm of this cultural hub of the Norwegian Arctic. Boasting more pubs per capita than any other place in Norway, it’s easy enough to lose focus on this our first mini-expedition. But stay the course! Don’t let too many pints distract from our mission to the very top. That’s right. We’re making our way to the famous Tromso Cable Car for our first shot at glimpsing the glow of The Northern Lights. Properly awed by the panoramic views of our new favorite big, little town, we’ll head back to the guesthouse for a festive first-night dinner.
  • On our second day together, we’ll head out to get our first deep freeze fix. Magic Ice is a wondrous winter wonderland constructed from several tons of nature ice from Norway. The ice bar and art gallery is the work of world-renowned ice carvers! Here you can “follow” in the footsteps of the early arctic explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen and others. This exhibit tells their stories of adventure and discovery as it sails through the North Pole. You can also visit the expedition’s ship made of crystal clear ice.
  • Over the next two days, your GlobeKick unfolds your way. Tromso offers more than enough to keep the DIY adventurer as busy as can be. If so inclined, try your hand at: guided snowshoeing tours, whale watching boat trips, Sami cultural experiences, Arctic & polar museum touring, reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, any number of natural fjord excursions, tasting tours of North Norwegian dishes, shopping for local knitwear and Northern Lights products, and catching some EDM music (yes, Tromso is a massive stop on the electronic music circuit).

Day 3 - Day 4: Aurora CampLights and Dogs

  • The afternoon of our third day in Tromso marks the start of our adventure to the hinterland. We’ll make our way out to the Aurora campsite to experience traditional Norwegian Sami culture, try our luck at viewing the Northern Lights, and get cozy with some sled dogs.
  • We’ll hang outside of our tents upon arrival to scan the skies for the famous Aurora glow. Our guides and huskies will entertain until they hopefully appear! Whether the lights glow or no, we’ll all be served a Norwegian style Bacalao with coffee and cake for dessert.
  • Following dinner (for those not still scanning the skies), we’ll take our repose in a big Sami tent– spending the night as the Sami people have done for generations. The frozen ground is made luxurious atop reindeer skins and inside the warmth of sleeping bags.
  • After breakfast the next day, we’ll make close acquaintance with some strong and beautiful pooches. After some instruction and demonstration, we’ll climb atop a sled, grab reins in hand, and head out on our morning dog sledding drive. You’ll feel alive in the brisk Norwegian air while driving your own team of huskies through the fjords. After our trip, we’ll enjoy a warm lunch before being taken back to Tromsø.

Day 4 - Day 6: Unthawing Out Here

  • You might be tempted to spend your last couple days in Tromso tacking on more and more Arctic Expeditions. Do that. Hop in a kayak and paddle out to see some whales. Up for a little less manual of an adventure? No shame in steering a snowmobile through some of the most dramatic winter scenery on the planet.
  • If you’re up to prove (or try to disprove) the Norwegian pubs-per-capita claim about Tromso … go with God. And go to Ølhallen’s. Trust us. Need to get the jimmy’s out? Hit Storgata Street  to see what club sounds the best that night.
  • Whether it’s another Arctic expedition, downing a few sudsy pints of Mack beer, or dancing to the tune? of the indistinguishable sounds of techno blaring from bar to club to bar on Storgata that’s got your gripped, it’s something. Tromso’s grip has got you. And while the good vibe of the GlobeKick tribe and a shared sense of Arctic-exploration-accomplished has unthawed Tromso’s polar freeze for you, its grip hasn’t loosened. It’s tightened. So maybe onto Oslo next? Or Stockholm? Or London on the return flight … but something about this big, little town way up here has got you gripped.


What's Included.

Six nights of lodging in Tromso & Aurora Camp (shared room)

Opening Night Dinner at Tromso Guesthouse

Greeting & Guided Transport Advice from Airport to Guesthouse  (return)

Tromso Cable Car Experience

Magic Ice Tromso Experience

Aurora Camp: Northern Lights Chase Experience

Morning Dogsledding Adventure

Transport to/from Aurora Camp & Dogsledding Expedition

What's Not Included.


Meals not specified above

The cost of airport transfers

On-the-ground transport (aside from specified above)

Insurance of any kind

Alcoholic beverages and/or Soft Drinks

Optional Touring or Excursions

Visas, Associated Travel Fees

Items of a Personal Nature


February 17th- 22nd

Group Size

Minimum 8 GlobeKickers

Maximum 22 GlobeKickers

Suggested Airport

Tromsø Airport, Langnes (TOS) in Tromsø, Norway


Daily high temperatures in October are around 33°F with daily lows at about 20°F. Precipitation is hit or miss in February, with chances of rain on an average of twelve days during the month. The month of February in Tromsø experiences essentially constant cloud cover, with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy remaining about 78% throughout the month. Snow is rare. Neither polar day nor polar night occur during the month of February.

Gear List


Warm base-layer clothing (merino wool)

Waterproof top layer clothing (ski pants, long down jacket)

Warm hiking boots

Thick wool socks

Hot Hands Hand Warmers



Gloves/hat/earmuffs/a chunky knit infinity scarf

Major Credit Cards



Phone and Camera



Prescription medicine (make a note of active ingredients in addition to brand in case of loss)

Motion sickness remedy

Pain relievers

Calamine lotionAllergy medicine (& EpipPen if serious)

Standard first-aid-kit with bandages

Sleeping aid for travel





Small Multitool

Flashlight or headlamp


E Reader

Travel Documents


Norway Visa Requirements

Airline Tickets (Confirmation and Itinerary)

Photo Identification

Color Copy of Passport Identification Page

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 2.56.45 PM

1 = lowest and 10 = highest


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