How GlobeKick Membership Works

GlobeKick gives members access to fully planned, high-impact adventures all over the world. Members are also given easy ways to connect within a life-changing network so they can organically meet with other badass people from all over the world. Membership is currently offered on an invite-only basis.*

*Each Membership Purchase is subject to approval during payment processing.

In 2019, we’ve teamed up with partners around the world to feature a cage diving Great White Shark excursion out of Cape Town, South Africa in August; a hike through the Scottish Highlands in June; and a volunteering trip to assist school children in Chios, Greece in October, to name only a few! Our lineup of adventures will continually grow over time, but checkout the full range for 2019 HERE.

  • Dogsledding & Northern Lights, Norway: February 17th – 22nd
  • Camping in the Sahara Desert, Morocco: May 19th – 25th
  • Hiking Scottish Highlands, Scotland: June 16th – 22nd
  • Cage Diving with Great Whites, South Africa: August 18th – 23rd
  • San Blas Islands in the Caribbean: September 22nd – 28th
  • Volunteering with Syrian Refugee school kids, Greece: October 20th – 26th
  • Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia: December 9th – 15th

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What’s included with Membership:

  • One Adventure anywhere we go, whenever we’re there:
    • Lodging
    • Welcome dinner and full GK-style Itinerary
    • Occasional team meals  (see Itineraries)
    • Pre-planned transport (see Itineraries)
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Outdoor excursions
    • Our centerpiece immersive experience (aka The Big Event)
  • Access to GlobeKick Connect (GK’s private social networking platform)
  • Discount on all additional GlobeKick trips during the term of your membership

What’s NOT included: 

  • Your flights (ask us for more info on our preferred flights partner)
  • Alcohol (sorry, we’re BYOB!)
  • Additional transportation to what’s pre-arranged by GlobeKick
  • Extensions for personal preference or special accommodation for dietary needs
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Visas & Passports
  • Cellular data connectivity and/or guaranteed WiFi
  • Additional comforts according to personal preferences


  1. If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve been invited for pre-selection to a network of impactful people choosing to live an adventure packed life.
  2. Look through the catalogue of our 2019 Adventure Series HERE.
  3. Then Click This Link to submit your membership for review.
  4. After membership purchase request is received, we will finalize your membership by contacting you. We’ll chat travel, get to know one another a bit, and discuss the particular adventure that looks best for your 2019 calendar!
  5. After that talk, for those whom we push ACCEPT! on your 2019 membership, you will then be given access to the GlobeKick Connect. Within GK Connect, our purpose-built, private social networking platform, you’ll be able to virtually meet fellow GlobeKickers, finalize your trip selection & reservation, & begin preparing for a year of adventure!

Again, your GlobeKick Membership includes one week-long adventure trip, exclusive access to GK’s private social network: GlobeKick Connect, and additional savings should you choose to join us on more than one trip during your membership ($595 per each additional trip).


For those Members who are selected and finalized through the purchase process:

Annual membership is billed as one time payment of $795. 

For those prospective Members who are not selected through the purchase process:

No charge will be levied.

No matter what, we always offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Life happens. If you’re invited to join, purchase, and are approved for membership, but need to rescind your spot with us (for whatever reason), then we’ll give you a 100% refund as long as it’s within 30 days of your registration.

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