Do you ever dream of exploring a place that genuinely looks like a Robinson Crusoe hideaway? Relaxing on a deserted beach with fine white sands… shaded by coconut palms… and snorkeling the warm Caribbean waters teeming with fish…?

Well, we do.

That’s why we’re adventuring from Colombia to Panama by boat – so we can explore the San Blas Islands – a group of roughly 400 tropical islands off the coast of Panama that are home to a self-governing indigenous tribe called the Kuna.

We’ll spend the week cruising through pristine Caribbean waters, snorkeling coral reefs, and exploring the best of the San Blas Islands as guests of the indigenous Kuna people.

Our co-founder, Rad, took this boat journey through the San Blas in 2013 and calls it one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring adventures of his life. Rad’s been on countless adventures in over 54 countries, so you can understand why we’re eager to explore it ourselves.


This is a 7 day & 6 night adventure. We will meet in Cartagena, Colombia on Day 1, where we will provide basic accommodations for the group. The next morning we will arrange transportation to the boat to begin the journey. We will spend the next 4 days & 3 nights boating across the Caribbean and exploring the San Blas islands, ultimately ending in Panama. We’ll provide basic accommodations in Panama at the end of the journey… and then you’re welcome to either fly home via Panama City or continue your adventures in Panama.


  • Basic accommodations in Cartagena, Colombia
  • Transportation from Cartagena to the boat
  • 7 days & 6 nights on a motorboat through the San Blas Islands
  • All food while on the boat
  • Snorkeling gear
  • An intimate experience and overnight stay in a Kuna village
  • One night of camping on a spectacular deserted island surrounded by coral reefs rarely visited by foreigners
  • Tents and sleeping mats
  • Basic accommodations in Panama at the end of the journey



The San Blas islands are truly unique. The grouping of islands are controlled by self-governing indigenous people called the Kuna. The Kuna gained control of the islands after a revolution against the Panamanian government in 1925. Since then, they have maintained political autonomy from the mainland and have been able to control tourism on their own terms – they directly benefit from the majority of the tourism dollars spent. On this adventure, we’ll get the opportunity to relax and connect with GlobeKickers as guests of the indigenous Kuna, who will feed and house us on their islands.