Do you want to travel with more purpose and spend more of your time and efforts towards conservation efforts? We certainly have. That’s why we’re heading to Cambodia to volunteer with the Elephant Valley Project.

We are committed to supporting programs and organizations that make our world a better place. For centuries, Cambodian elephants have faced many challenges – from war, to being overwork in the logging, construction, and tourism industries. Every year, there are thousands of elephants across Asia that are abused as a result of the global tourism industry. Elephants in captivity generally face horrific living arrangements. They are often wrapped in chains, isolated, and live with limited movement, limited diet, and limited veterinary care. The Elephant Valley Project is an elephant sanctuary. And we want to help their efforts by volunteering our time with them.


This is a 7 day & 6 night adventure. We’ll fly into Phnom Penh and make our way to Sen Monorom, a small village near the Elephant Valley Project. Sen Monorom is a 6-hour ride from Phnom Penh, so GlobeKick will provide a transfer option for the group. The  specific timing will be coordinated in advance of the trip.

We will provide basic accommodations in Sen Monorom and the following morning, provide transportation to the Elephant Sanctuary. We will spend our first day with the elephants, meeting two families and learning about the forest, community, conservation and the elephants themselves. For the other four days, we will combine elephant time and volunteering to get involved in the project. All meals will be provided for by our friends at the EVP.

After the 7 days, we will travel back to Sen Monorom. Transportation will be provided from EVP to Sen Monorom but accommodations will not be included for that evening. You will be free to continue your adventures around SE Asia or travel back to Phnom Penh according to your preferences.


  • Transportation from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom
  • One night of basic accommodations  in Sen Monorom
  • Transport to and from the Elephant Sanctuary from Sen Monorom
  • 6 nights of basic accommodation at the Elephant Sanctuary
  • Breakfast in Sen Monorom and all meals at the Elephant Sanctuary
  • 1 full day elephant experience
  • 4 x 1⁄2 day elephant experience
  • 4 x 1⁄2 day volunteering



In indigenous Cambodian culture, the Bunong (indigenous people of the Mondulkiri area), highly value and regard elephants. For these people, elephants are an important connection to the spirits and have been utilized in many ways for centuries.

However, Asian elephants are highly endangered and can only be found in fragmented habitats. It is projected that if populations decline at this current rate, elephants could become extinct within three generations. EVP (with our help!) is committed to sustainable elephant conservation practices.

While many tourist organizations claim to be supporting the advancement of healthy elephant populations, it is estimated that 60-75% of wildlife tourist attractions have negative welfare impacts on animal livelihood.

The Elephant Valley Project is committed to working with elephant owners so that the last of the captive elephants can live out their lives in health and peace. Elephant Valley Project is dedicated to advocate for the care of this population to the best of their ability. Their environment is stress free and natural and a dignified habitat for these amazing elephants to exist.

***Please note that visiting the Elephant Valley Project requires a moderate to high level of physical fitness. There is a lot of hiking (5 – 7km per day) on difficult terrain in the jungle to see the elephants.