Reflections from my GlobeKick trip to Norway

GlobeKick Arctic Adventure : Norway Reflections

By: Matt Savko

Sitting on the plane, waiting to leave Tromsø, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement over the incredible days in the Arctic Circle.

Coming into this trip, I was confident that I would be experiencing something new and exciting with a group of people consisting of both friends and strangers. What I didn’t realize was that the gap would be so quickly closed, and that I’d be taking on new frontiers with a great group of equally explorative, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals.

I am not sure how this trip could have been any better – even considering my 10 different arrival flights and missing luggage.

Spending time touring the city of Tromsø and learning the history of its great explorers was both entertaining and extremely interesting.

The time at Villmarkssenter was beyond all expectations. Being lucky enough to see the Northern Lights and have great weather for dogsledding in the morning was incredible.

Following that up by taking the time to visit the peak at Fjellheisen (twice!) for one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen…

While I could go on and on about all of the great time spent in Tromsø, I feel like I have saved the best for last.

It is hard to imagine how a group of adults can be enticed to participate in something that, at its original face value, might seem like a glorified field trip. However, Russ, Jamie, Rad, you guys all did a kickass job of making GlobeKick the perfect balance of structure and freedom. At no time did I feel like I was being babysat, or required to take part in anything. Additionally I felt like I had more than enough freedom to pick and choose how I wanted to spend a good majority of my time. Finding that balance, all while introducing activities that keep people interested and wanting to participate, is an incredible feat. To top it all off, all three of you are super cool dudes who I very much look forward to exploring more with, and growing the GlobeKick family.

Also can’t wait to get down to Austin to visit – as well as getting everyone to Cleveland soon.

Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable trip.

Thank you Russ, Jamie, and Rad for being awesome people and coming together to have this idea that meant providing such a great travel experience. And lastly, thank you Tromsø!


Until next time, ✌🏼

Savko aka Prosecco Papi 🇨🇦