Fedex Coming in Clutch

Have you ever heard horror stories of someone booking the trip of a lifetime only to not check their passport? This happened to my mother last time we traveled to the Bahamas and thank god we live only an hour from DC or else… The standard processing time for a passport is roughly 6- 8 weeks coming from the US State Department.

This has happened to countless Americans and will continue happen. But now Fedex is offer a service that will get you a new passport in only 24 hours. They have recently partner with Rush My Passport. If you need a passport in 24 hours you can stop by any Fedex location or visit their website.

Their services include replacing lost or stolen passports, rushed passports, update the passport photo, or passport renewals. Their services also allow you track your passport through the process. The only catch is the price. To have a passport rushed is a very expensive and could run you almost $700. But I believe $700 is worth it to make sure you can still go on your vacation.

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