Our travel club gives members access to fully planned, high-impact adventures all over the world. Members are also given easy ways to connect within a life-changing network so they can organically connect with other badass people from all over the world. Membership is currently offered on an invite-only basis. 

Curious who’s involved? Learn more about some of the members and founders.

In 2018, we’ve teamed up with partners around the world to feature a Sahara Desert camping trip out of Marrakech, Morocco in May; a boating journey through the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean in August; and a volunteering trip to an elephant sanctuary outside of Phenom Penh, Cambodia in December. Our lineup of adventures, peak experiences, and personal wellness opportunities will continually grow over time.

  • Camping in the Sahara Desert, Morocco: May 20th – 26th
  • San Blas Islands in the Caribbean: August 19th – 25th
  • Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia: December 9th – 15th


What’s included:

  • The cost of the adventure
  • Lodging
  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Welcome dinner and GK-style Itinerary
  • Yoga classes
  • Occasional team meals  (see Itinerary)
  • Pre-planned transport (see Itinerary)
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Outdoor excursions

What’s NOT included: 

  • Your flights
  • Alcohol (sorry, we’re BYOB!)
  • Additional transportation to what’s pre-arranged by GlobeKick
  • Accommodations for personal preferences or dietary restrictions are not included
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Visas & passports
  • Cellular data connectivity and/or guaranteed WiFi
  • Additional comforts according to personal preferences


  1. Fill out the online form to request an invitation.
  2. We will review your request and determine whether to extend an invitation. Invites are only given to those who demonstrably share GlobeKick’s values. A limited number of invitations are extended each month.
  3. We will review your invitation request and contact you within the week with either an acceptance, rejection, or request for more information.
  4. If accepted, we will send you a link to pay for your membership. The link will only be valid for a 72-hour period of time. 
  5. After membership dues are received, members will be given access to the GlobeKick private social network to meet other GlobeKickers & begin preparing for a year of adventure!

GlobeKick Membership includes free access to three annual week-long adventure trips, exclusive access to GK’s private network, specials in travel & lifestyle through our partners, discounts on all GlobeKick adventures, and access to GlobeKick hosted-events held all over the world.


Annual memberships are billed at $150/month. 

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Life happens. If you’re invited to join and pay for a membership, but need to rescind your spot with us (for whatever reason), then we’ll give you a 100% refund as long as it’s within 30 days of your registration.