How do I get a membership?

Memberships are awarded on an invite-only basis. The annual membership cost is $150/month or $1,200 if paid in advance. 


What does my membership include?

On the ground, membership gets you the full coordination and planning of these trips, a group of fellow GlobeKickers to explore with, your lodging, certain meals, intra-trip transport and tickets (as needed).

On the digital side, membership gets you one member profile on Globekick Connect.

What’s not included is transport (ie, airfare) to/from these adventures on the ground. Souvenirs, alcohol, and personal expenses (side excursions, retail purchases, etc) are also not included.


What is Globekick Connect?

We wanted to create something more user-friendly, private, and less distracting than some of the other social media platforms out there for our members to e-kick it.

Globekick Connect is a private social network where our members can collaborate, plan trips, discuss job opportunities, and connect with each other. Every member gets complimentary access to Globekick Connect.


How do I sign up for trips?

Our trip schedule is available on the website and Globekick Connect.

To reserve your spot, just pick your location and date on the scheduler. Each trip requires a fully refundable security deposit of $350. If you manage to get through your adventure without causing any damages, or cancel 30 days before your reserved trip starts, you get all $350 back.

Each trip has a cap of participants, depending on which unique adventure we have planned. We have more than enough trips planned throughout the year for all our members to participate, but if you have your heart set on one particular time and location of trip make sure and sign up before the spots fill up!


How Do I book my flight to and from the adventure?

You are responsible for booking your flights for arrival and departure on the trip. Flights are not included in our membership. We send out flight booking instructions detailing when and where you need to be once you’re registered for a trip.


Who all is coming on these trips with me?

Globekick openly welcomes people from all walks of life, ethnicities, genders, creeds, and religions. Good people attract good people! We’re taking care to invite only interesting folks we’ve run into online and in our own lives, and because we’re an invite-only membership, we’re confident that everyone we bring on board will have a great time with each other.

If that’s not enough, once you’ve signed up for a trip, you’re able to see the profile details of every one of your fellow kick-mates on Globekick Connect.