Jamie Russ Rad GK

Jamie DeBole (center), Russ Briscoe (left), and Rad Wood (right), are best friends who co-founded GlobeKick together with a dream of making global travel simple, social, and affordable in a brand new way. The bonds of their own brotherhood were formed through shared travel, and they wanted to make it simple for themselves and others to enjoy unforgettable life experiences around the globe. To this day, they stay on the road as much as possible in search of life-changing adventures, cultural understanding, and meaningful connection with exceptional people.

The Founders

Large Jamie DeBole Headshot

Jamie DeBole

Chief Exploration Officer
From climbing the tallest peaks to sailing the widest oceans, Jamie has always had a thirst for the world's Grandest Adventures. An avid learner and practioner of Vipassana meditation, Jamie travels to adventure through both his internal and external worlds by facing new challenges and experiencing new cultures. He's lived abroad in China and has traveled through 36 countries.
Russ Briscoe Headshot

Russ Briscoe

Chief Operations Officer
Russ' diverse travel experiences are Inspired by his love for history, Anthony Bourdain, and his childhood aspirations to be like Indiana Jones. From hiking the 650 mile Camino de Santiago de Compostella to swinging a sledgehammer for wages while living in Australia, Russ' stories provide can't-miss entertainment. He's a Certified Yoga Instructor and has traveled through 35 countries.
Rad Wood headshot

Rad Wood

Strategy & Legal
Always eager for memorable experiences, Rad's enjoyed the most diverse travels on our team. In 2012 he spent 1.5 years solo-traveling across world. From summiting Mount Kiliminjaro to witnessing violent political rallies while visiting countries in crisis, Rad's seen a bit of everything. He's a named partner at a Texas-based law firm, VelaWood P.C., and has explored 59 countries.