5 Ways to Save for a Dream Vacation

I constantly hear from people that their travel dreams are just dreams. I am a very positive person and I get so frustrated by that comment. I think people are always selling themselves short and not living to the fullest. I am not naive to the fact that traveling can be expensive but there are some tricks to the trade that people need to recognize. Here are 5 ways to save up for your dream vacation:

Book Early!

Plan your vacation way ahead of time. Yes there are last minute deals but not always to ideal locations. Spend time researching & planning out where you would like to go and start watching ticket prices. I just found a round trip ticket from JFK to Iceland for $380 roundtrip. A great app to use to watch flight prices is Hopper.

Be Flexible

Being flexible while traveling is a must! Sometimes the prices of flights/hotels could be more inexpensive when traveling on alternative dates. Make sure you are using flight calendars! Double check before you book and you could save hundreds of dollars.

Use Your Points

If you love to travel then you must have a travel rewards credit card. They are incredible. I have flown from DC to San Diego round trip twice in 1 year. TWICE! Make sure you are using those credit cards for all of your purchases so you can get as many points as you can. A great idea is to have a credit card with an airline and/or hotel chain. That way you can save money on both.

Mix up Accommodations

For a dream vacation do not be afraid to mix up your accommodations. For example why not stay in a luxury villa/hotel for the last 3 days of your vacation while staying in an Airbnb for the first 4. That way you can use the first half of your vacation sight seeing and use the back end of your vacation for relaxing. This is a great way to save a lot money.

Use Budgeting Apps

I think budgeting apps are a godsend. I was able to save $500 over 6 months by just using the Acorns app. The Acorns app will round every payment to the nearest dollar and will invest the left over change. This is the perfect app for budgeting.

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