There is a difference between travel & vacation… and GlobeKick trips are about active travel. This means we actively looking for opportunities to immerse ourselves in the culture through authentic experiences. To do this, we generally stay in authentic accommodations that cover the basics and are comfortable but not luxurious. Ultimately, we will enjoy the adventures together as your travel companions. Not as your travel concierge.

In 2018, we’ve teamed up with partners around the world to feature a Sahara Desert camping trip out of Marrakech, Morocco in May; a boating journey through the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean in August; and a volunteering trip to an elephant sanctuary outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia in December. Our lineup of adventures, peak experiences, and personal wellness opportunities will continually grow over time.

  • Camping in the Sahara Desert, Morocco: May 20th – 26th
  • San Blas Islands in the Caribbean: August 19th – 25th
  • Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia: December 9th – 15th

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