Wanna change your office view?

Let’s take a quick, digital trip to Bordeaux. We handpicked our favorite spots

in this city to sit on a bench, lay in the grass or post up at a cafe.

Love what you see? Good news: GlobeKick heads to France this Spring!

Become a modern-day explorer in these culture-packed sites while enhancing your career.

All while sipping French wine.

Soak in the streets of Bordeaux where you can find Le Bac A Sable –

a cafe that’s dedicated to co-working.

Get work done while enjoying blue skies and a historical view.

Miroir d’Eau at Place de la Bourse –

“The Water Mirror” is less than 10 years old but located right next to the city’s very symbol –

The Place De La Bourse (built from 1730 to 1775).

Twilight at Pont de Pierre – connecting the left and right banks of the city.

Good night, Bordeaux!

Eager for more? That’s where we come in.

Apply here, buy that ticket, get on the road and feel your passions ignite.


Stay Adventurous,

The GlobeKick Fam


For those interested – check out Le Bac A Sable, to see the remote work lifestyle in Bordeaux.

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