GlobeKicker Brittany Wheeler in Lagos, Portugal
GlobeKicker Brittany Wheeler in Lagos, Portugal

“And just like that I’m boarding a plane to hop on over to the other side of the pond. Let the journey begin…there is something so incredibly beautiful that happens when a group of people are thrown together without any prior knowledge of each other’s existence. At first it might be uncomfortable, stretching, lonely even. But behind all of that discomfort our hearts are really just expanding and making just a little more room for the beauty that is about to unfold.

Community is a really beautiful thing and I am so grateful for the community that I have found within Globekick. Not only am I able to travel the world but I am doing it with some really beautiful souls by my side. To have a group of individuals that have made decisions in their own personal lives to be in the exact space that I am in is pretty incredible. They are family, nothing less and it is the most beautiful part of the journey. We have traveled to the most breathtaking of places but I can wholeheartedly say that those experiences are so much more enriched because of the community that we live in. I am surrounded by an incredibly diverse group of individuals but yet we have something that unites us all. We said yes, and not just a whispered yes but an abounding YES to this journey. And that right there is what binds us together and spans all generational gaps, life experiences, locations, and has brought us together as one. A tribe.

Every Friday morning we come together for something we refer to as “Gathers.” This is a time of self-discovery, to dig deep into the dark corners of our lives. This past week we discussed resentment and forgiveness. This space is filled with such trust and love and it is so beautiful to see layers by layers being peeled back to expose our innermost selves. The self that we build walls up and hide from the world. The self that we loved enough to say yes to this journey of self-discovery. To drop into our lives not out. To uncover all of the dark shadows that lie both behind and ahead.

GlobeKick is so much more than a travel company. It’s a community. A community of individuals running the race, arms linked, pushing forward and stepping into the best version of ourselves. Because truly..there is nothing that will ever compare to the invaluable worth of your people.”

– GlobeKicker and all around badass human, Brittany Wheeler

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