Yogis capitalize in destressing.

However – Not all yoga poses are calming. If you’ve ever been to class – you might find your body twisted around in every which way.

And that’s part of the fun.

But when works rough, your back hurts from sitting too long, or travel plans change – all you need to do is relax. And yogis are so damn good at that. So if your muscles feel a bit stiff on the plane or the bed at the hotel isn’t ideal – take some yogi advice.

Try out these poses.

For Travel Anxiety – do some breathing exercises. This practice is so useful, and the best part – it can be done anywhere. If you’re waiting in line at the gate or sitting before take-off, start breathing in and counting to four. Once you reach that number, breathe out while counting to six. Repeat 6-10 times to subdue any travel anxiety.

Still stressing? You can also try alternate nostril breathing. This will help you focus on the present moment. Continue this technique till you find a peaceful place.

Seated For A Long Period – try the seated twist. It’s a simply move to do if your core or spine is uncomfortable. It’s also easy to do when you don’t have a lot of space (on a plane…train…automobile). While sitting tall – inhale deeply. Exhale as you twist your upper body to the side. Do the same twisting to the other side.  

Working Inside All Day – go outside once the workday is over. Take a long stroll to release negative thoughts and put you in the moment. Be in nature. Soak in fresh air while doing downward dog. Place your hands and feet on the ground while pointing your bottom up. This will stretch your entire body and bring back healthy blood flow.

After a Flight – tree pose. This move is perfect after spending so much time in the air. It forces you to focus, calm your thoughts, and root you back to the ground. Flying is enjoyable but reconnecting to the earth keeps you healthy.

Yoga allows you to focus on the little things as your body repairs itself. The beauty of this exercise is that it only requires one thing: your body. Practice it anywhere and everywhere.

Try out these moves and become a tranquil traveler.

Stay Adventurous,
Your GlobeKick Fam

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