The lights dim while you fasten your seatbelt. White noise fills the cabin and wheels begin rolling beneath you. In a quick instant, you’re lifted. Heart rises with excitement and a tinge of fear.

The rush of a plane departure – everyone deserves that ping of adrenaline.

When you’re a female traveler, you have the opportunity to tackle the world by storm and empower everyone around you. Choosing to be a digital nomad is invigorating. It opens doors of opportunities to live an exploratory life while advancing your career.  There are ups and downs – and it can get a bit scary.

Don’t let fear prevent your journey.

Different risks are at stake for female travelers. The key is to be fully informed, educated and confident. You can do this.

Prioritize safety and be a seasoned traveler by following this list of tips for women:

1. Research Thoroughly: Before jumping on the journey – make the planning process fun by scoping out hot spots and locating the safe parts of town. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the moment once aware of the places to avoid. The internet offers an insurmountable heap of information. It’s accessible and can save you from many bumps in the road. Find out if the city has a medical center. What’s the public transportation? Visit a travel clinic before hopping on the plane. Let them know the countries on your route and whether or not you’ll need specific vaccinations or prescriptions. If you’re into adventurous sports – find out if your travel insurance covers your ventures. Be prepared.

2. Build Trust Slowly: The people you meet along the road can turn into lifelong friendships. Be patient when finding your tribe. Some people master the art of befriending quickly then taking advantage of the trust. It’s not rude to have your guard up. Take things slow, let people earn your trust and surround yourself with people who truly care about you.

3. Maintain Confidence BUT Blend Into The Culture: Pickpocketers know how to identify travelers. A t-shirt and shorts may seem reasonable for the US – but it might making you walking target in Marrakech. Brand yourself as someone familiar with your location. Know a bit ahead of time about how the people dress to ensure your safety and sense of control.

4. Invest In Your Safety: Traveling on a budget makes it hard to drop some serious cash on things. However – pay that extra money to book a hotel in the safer neighborhood. Take a taxi home rather than walking. Plan ahead of time with a financial cushion in case of emergencies.

5. Drink Slowly: Pace yourself, my friends. Enjoy every moment by remaining in control of what happens to you. This goes along with slowly building trust – make protecting yourself your number 1 priority and the right people will gravitate towards you.

6. Stay Connected With Loved Ones: This way – if anything happens – people know where you are. Keeping friends and family updated on your whereabouts is also a kind gesture to those who care about your wellbeing. Don’t make mom worry. Even if you aren’t in a dangerous situation, let loved ones know you’re safe and enjoying the trip.


Stay Adventurous, 

Your GlobeKick Fam


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