Maintain a balanced life through mindfulness. It’s so easy to get sucked into the workday – never pausing – always pushing out one project to the next. Over time, this mentality can do more damage than good. 

By allocating time in your day to reflect, take a deep breath, then move forward – your life becomes more aligned with your values. It’s a series of checks and balances. Productivity is valuable. And so are moments of reflection. Crafting time for both actions into your routine leads to better quality work and a better quality of life. This practice is about long-term benefits (rather than instant gratification).

So if you’re eager to get started…

Our CEO, Jamie DeBole, practices mindfulness every day.

And he’s traveled the world perfecting the art. Now he wants to share his experience with you.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

JD: Let’s start broad and narrow it down. Mindfulness is bringing awareness to your thoughts and actions. It creates a time in your day to be fully present in the moment. It helps dramatically while in the workplace and abroad. Both events introduce unique stimuli. And it’s important to absorb the entire experience. The more present you are in the moment of what you’re doing – the better the output – the richer, more in-depth of the experience.

When traveling – you’re there to be fully engaged. You need to problem solve, soak in the culture of a foreign country and learn. Think of mindfulness as your period to recenter then grow.

How do I get started?

Whether in your room or traveling, I recommend taking 10-15 minutes every morning to recenter. Soon as you wake up, come back to home with your breathing. Recenter. Map out your goals. Get ready to go out for the day and attack it with that. Shape your mindset and realize how much you can control the outcome of situations thrown at you during the day.

Then at night – take the time to reflect on how you reacted to different circumstances. Did anxiety bubble up when you couldn’t talk to the cashier? Were you worried when searching for a new cafe before a meeting? Did you show up late to work then beat yourself up about it?

Identify your emotions.

Journal about it. Find out what you could have done to avoid that feeling. As you continue practicing mindfulness – you’ll begin to notice those emotions as soon as they come on. Your awareness will move you forward, and you’ll become stronger.

Any last bit advice?

Let yourself be mindful. If you have rushing thoughts – don’t fight them. Don’t beat yourself up. Let those thoughts flow through you. They will pass. Mindfulness is being aware of rushing thoughts or unique stimuli and not letting them control the outcome. Once you let thoughts flow freely – you’ll be more at peace with every situation or challenge presented in your life.


Please share your mindful tips with us in the comments!

Stay Adventurous,

Your GK fam


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