Eliminate the stress of finding a place to rest your head while traveling with GlobeKick.

No worries about safety concerns.

No need to communicate with hospitality.

Or wonder if there’s WiFi access.

Or if the space is clean.

Or has hot water.

We’ve got you covered. Our goal is to bring out the best in you and your career. We prove that through our hospitality and the community we develop within our accommodations. We give you the comforts of familiarity within each new place we travel. That way you can stay focused on discovering the city and not discovering that there’s bugs in your bed. 

And our accommodations reflect that. You’ll get an authentic cultural experience and taste of life in each city. You’ll live like the locals. Apartments are located in the central part of town but just far enough from the hustle and bustle. This ensures a productive work space and good night’s sleep. We want your career to blossom while abroad. 

That’s why we provide workspaces for those last minute projects or creative binges. A big bonus to these shared workspaces is the ability to network with locals in lieu of getting projects done. The co-work spaces are friendly, inviting, and might land you that next client.

Our apartments come with your own bedroom and a common living area to relax with your roommates. Perfect places to perch up for the day and get work done. Apartments are usually shared (you might have 1 or 2 roommates) – this method furthers the bonds created throughout your journey with us. 

To help each location feel a little more like “home”, we host group dinners each month. This is one of our favorite traditions. Our dinners take place at local restaurants and strengthen the bonds with your fellow travelers, complete with culturally authentic cuisine and music. 

Indulge. Connect. Enjoy.

We’ll handle everything else.

Ready to Apply? We hope so: http://www.globekick.com/apply-now/

Ask us any questions in the comments below!


Stay Adventurous,

Your GlobeKick family

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