Sitting in the weekly budget meeting, a sharp pain strikes your back. A pain that takes over the ability to focus and fully communicate with your coworkers. One step back from the workday.

Body aches.

Feeling sick again.

You’re dozing away at your desk.

Attributes that all effect your day-to-day tasks. Thankfully, there’s a trick to beat off potential professional pitfalls. And apps to maintain your success.

Fitness and overall well-being sculpt strong employees. The GlobeKick lifestyle is founded upon exploration and balance. Balancing time from the office with time in the gym or at the yoga studio lead to greater overall success. Staying fit keeps your mind clear and ready for any challenges that arise throughout the workday. 

But staying in shape isn’t easy. Particularly on the road. 

Thankfully there are apps out there to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling.

Be your best self professionally and personally by utilizing these apps:

1.) My Fitness Pal: Achieve your exercise and weight goals through this app. By recording what you eat and workout regimen, My Fitness Plan tracks your progress while keeping you motivated no matter where you are in the world.

2.) Map My Run: Running outside is a perfect way to explore a city in a healthy manner. It’s killing two birds with one stone – you see new sites while improving yourself physically. Track your mileage and locate tourist attractions using this app.

3.) Yoga Studio: While GlobeKick brings along yoga instructors on our excursions, this customizable app allows you to take a deep breath and relax during your alone time. Through their downloadable classes – it’s like packing a mini yoga studio in your suitcase.

4.) Sworkit: Eliminate the stress from workouts consuming too much of your valuable time. On jam-packed days, use this app for a quick 5 minute or an hour long high-intensity bodyweight workout. It’s all up to you.

5.) Waterlogged: Many travel ailments derive from dehydration. Stay ahead of the game through this app ensuring you stay hydrated, healthy and ready-to-go.

6.) SixPack App Pro: Customizable travel workouts ensure you have correct posture and movements on a daily basis. Great option for all you frequent fliers out there.

Live a balanced life through maintaining your health. This lifestyle choice will filter into every aspect of your life. And you’ll be empowered.

Choose to GlobeKick your fitness goals into a reality.


Stay Adventurous,

Your GlobeKick family

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