The clock strikes 2 am. 

You’re a bit hazy how far this bar is from your hotel. It’s pouring outside and hailing a taxi sounds like a nightmare. With a few quick clicks on your phone, a ride is on it’s way to pick you up. 

Ohh the beauty of ridesharing apps. 

But there’s always a catch. Once a new app goes viral, it becomes a part of so many people’s life. We depend on rideshare services to get from A to B. Thankfully this option is growing across the globe, offering international services from Uber and Lyft.

It’s a great feeling to jump off a plane in a foreign country to open a travel app you’re already comfortable with. 

Uber across the globe. 

Uber is a perfect example to prove how the digital era is expanding businesses. They have reached an expansive network around the world. Use this link to double-check if the city you’re visiting offers Uber:

Call a Lyft (almost) anywhere. 

Lyft is in the same boat (er.. car) as Uber. The company continues to expand across the world making rideshare options easy and accessible for everyone. Find out if you’re city-of-choice allows Lyft:

Carpool options are also very popular in Europe. It’s a great way to meet new people, save money and travel somewhere new. Dive into the Euro culture by utilizing these services below.

BlaBlaCar: With thousands of rides available every day – pick where you want to go and connect with fellow explorers heading there. 

Liftshare: Start saving money and enjoy the benefits of sharing a ride. This service works the same as BlaBlaCar. Compare their prices to ensure you land the best deal out there!
Find the options that fit your travel needs best. 

Stay safe out there GlobeKickers,
Your GK family

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