There’s always the next best car.

The latest gadgets.

The fancier apartment.

The trendiest shoes.

The ladder to “success” has no end. There will always be another way to prove your progress. But sometimes those status symbols get in the way of ultimate satisfaction.

Here’s a simple way to put it:

You can save up your money to purchase that brand new luxury car.


Choose the quicker option: Jump on the next train ride or cheap bus route.

Don’t worry about what’s getting you there. Progress is the journey itself.

Find different ways to facilitate your adventure. Choose routes that can get you going now. 

Let go of the need for things. Make room for experiences.

Life is noisy and complicated. Falling into a materialistic reward cycle satisfies instant gratification but will never fulfill you. It’s easy to get sucked into the obsession. Digital nomads are taking a stance against this cycle. 

Choose to globalize your life. 

We aren’t letting the standard of secure career paths drive our lifestyle choices. We are modern day explorers expanding our vision on what a workday entails.

Progress to us is the ability to veer off the path that has been trodden through by someone else’s idea of success and stability. We progress by exploring the world as we craft out careers that align with our values. 

Digital nomads are modern day explorers discovering new territory through our careers. It’s daring, bold and incredibly exciting.

Join us and start your adventure –

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