Just like that. Another month passes and rent scoops a chunk out of your wallet. Two weeks roll by, and student loans take out another. 





Dreams of traveling feel unapproachable. The thought of purchasing plane tickets seems impractical.

Money is a huge obstacle to tackle when it comes to travel; especially when you live your life around the globe as a digital nomad. The goal is to earn money while abroad – not spend it all. 

Thankfully our moolah-saving aficionados at GlobeKick teamed up to share how to make it happen. With a bit of information and a nudge in the right direction, there are so many money-saving resources. 

Here’s a list of tips and tools for finding cheap flights:

Keep your searches on PRIVATE. Why? Depending on the cookies in your browser, flight prices increase if a particular route is repeatedly searched. Once it seems set-in-stone you need a flight; those prices do increase as a fear tactic in hopes that the customer will purchase ASAP. Make your browser incognito to avoid this scheme. 

Use our favorite flight search engines: SkyScanner, Ryanair, and the app Hopper will help track flight prices to ensure the best deals. 

There are cheaper days to fly out. Studies say Tuesday is the best to take off but not guaranteed. Keep your eyes peeled and use Hopper to know when flight prices change.

Want more info? Reach out to us. Buy that ticket and begin your journey.  

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