You greet the day with a casual stroll to the cafe around the corner.

As you walk past locals reading, enjoying their coffee, you get sucked into a conversation with the barista. Sliding open your computer while sipping an espresso – the deadlines start stacking up. Fellow travelers are planning a trip to Barcelona as your boss sends over pages of edits on the latest email campaign.

Working abroad has it’s ups and downs. Be prepared for the unexpected. No WiFi. Deadlines in different time zones. Conference calls when friends are exploring the baths in Budapest. It takes self-discipline, determination and flexibility to successfully work abroad. Make your daily planner your best friend. Strong communication with coworkers is key. Knowing when to say no will further your career and overall well-being to get the most from your abroad experience. Set goals and stick to them.

Here’s how to perfect a work-life balance while abroad:

The 2 Minute Rule: If any tasks can get done within 2 minutes, do it right away. Cross those meticulous items off your list to ensure work gets done and you can focus your energy on bigger tasks. And pending adventures.

Exercise and meditate: Clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts and pushing yourself physically has enormous benefits. Avoid stress by requiring any form of workout plus mindfulness throughout the week. We love yoga, running, free weights and team sports. Find what activity works for you and watch yourself thrive.

Plan, Plan, Plan: Start with a monthly calendar then build from there. Create a daily routine. Before going to bed, write a to-do list for the next day. Consistently check a list of goals to achieve. These little steps add up to maintain a happy work-life balance.

Surround yourself with positive influences: GlobeKick carefully curates a group of professionals that will support your lifestyle and work patterns. We’re not here to party across Europe. We aim to teach skills and mindsets so you can create a balanced lifestyle. Let’s explore. Let’s change the way the world works, together. 


Stay Adventurous,

Your GlobeKick Family

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