Stay ahead of the game while traveling.
Being so far from your doctor can cause some concerns while abroad. It’s smart to stick to a healthy lifestyle and pick up good habits to keep your immune system up to par. Since prescription medicine isn’t as easy to come by while abroad, we want to share our favorite natural remedies. Taking this route will keep ya cruising to get the most out of your experience.
Here’s what keeps us healthy:

Probiotics: These bad boys encourage a healthy gut environment to keep your immune system happy. They also help your digestive system. Maintain a strong balance of good bacteria, and you’ll see (and feel!) the benefits. 

Coconut Oil: Yes, Coconut Oil. Nature’s miracle. There are so many beneficial uses for this oil. Keep some in your luggage to moisturize (especially sunburns), hair condition, apply to cuts or remove makeup. And hey. Why not eat some? Consuming a tablespoon is a great source of fat intake and energy boost.

Magnesium: This mineral is an important factor for many functions in the body. Throw it in your travel kit to ensure a good night’s sleep, relaxation of the nervous system and proper bowel function.

Activated Charcoal: Count on this supplement in case of any unfortunate stomach issues (Street meat anyone?) Activated charcoal reduces toxicity by absorbing chemicals in your tummy. Be sure to drink plenty of water when consuming. 

Ginger: Add a few spoonfuls of ginger to club soda to fight motion sickness. It’s a great way to prepare for a long car ride, ferry trip or plane ride.

Chamomile: Not only incredibly soothing, but a cup of chamomile tea can also fight digestive problems. For maximizing relaxation, drink a bit after dinner to ensure a good night’s rest and proper digestive flow.

Getting sick sucks. Getting sick abroad reallllllly sucks. Know your limits and respect them. 

Drink water. 

Be kind to your body.


Stay Adventurous,

Your friends at GlobeKick

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