Toothbrush. Check.

Raincoat. Check.

Comfy shoes. Of course.

All the essentials are easy to clear off the list. But what about those random items that don’t come straight to mind? What about that moment your plane lands and your luggage is lost? Or someone steals your phone? Here’s how to keep calm when things get outta whack and the unexpected falls into your lap:

Dry Off Sports Towel: These towels are straight up amazing for traveling. They barely take up space in luggage and quickly dry.  

Combination Lock: Play it safe and lock up belongings when away for the day. Most hostels offer lockers. Utilize those. It’ll ease anxiety once out and about. Suitcase locks are also highly beneficial.

Discreet Waist Belt: Keep passport, keys, and emergency money in a discreet waist belt to hide under clothes when traveling to a new destination. It’s easier to take a nap on a plane or train knowing important items are safe and hidden.

List of phone numbers (and a journal!): Be prepared if your phone dies or gets stolen. Don’t hold all of your information solely there. A compact journal is perfect to capture memorable moments and also hold important information. Keep a copy of your passport. List of phone numbers of fellow travelers and hospitality. List of key phrases to communicate with locals. Thankfully nowadays, most people speak English. But having backup will allow you to travel at ease and savor every moment.

Reusable water bottle: Water is the essence of life. Stay hydrated my friends.

Sleep Gear: Travel blanket, neck pillow, eye cover. Make the most of travel time by catching up on sleep. Your mind and body will thank you. Bring a blanket that wraps up tightly. Test out neck pillows to find one that’s best for you. A soft, soothing eye cover seals the deal.

Stay Adventurous,


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