Taxi horns beeping, shop keepers yelling, horse hooves echo in the streets, you’re starving, and you have no idea where you are.




Take time out of your day to give thanks for the little moments. It work wonders for your overall wellbeing. Especially when you’re feeling off. Or stuck in a rut. You need a change, but everything is a bit overwhelming.

One day while traveling, the train didn’t show up. My phone was about to die. I was alone. I was short on money. Initiate panic mode.

But instead… I made up a little trick to invite gratuity into my day. And it worked. I was relaxed and able to focus on my next move.

Here’s a tip to fend off stress or negativity:

As you take a big inhale, state in your mind “I am grateful for…”. Hold it. Then as you exhale, let whatever thought transpire. Sometimes it’s jibberish. Sometimes it’s nothing. Sometimes it’s simple. And sometimes it warms your heart. In the end, no matter what you’re thankful for – you’re breathing. You’re here. You’re present. You’re creating memories and fully living through your experiences. 

Achieve a positive well-being while traveling and create a life you love. Find yourself in natural settings. Feel whole. Feel at peace. Cheers your glass with new friends and indulge in authentic cuisine. Feel the ups-and-downs of travel. It is never completely blissful. The train won’t show up. You’ll lose your friends in a crowded market. Someone might steal your wallet. 
True happiness is being aware that everything is an opportunity to learn and grow.


Keep Kickin,

Your GlobeKick family

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