The digital era pushes communication to a worldwide level.

Thankfully… we’ve got apps on apps on apps for that.

Technology continues to adapt matching consumer needs. Get going on your adventure by learning the languages of the countries you’re visiting.

And yes – many people around the globe speak English. I was shocked when I first visited Europe back in 2008. Nevertheless, knowing the native tongue puts you wayyy ahead of the game. It allows for stronger connections with more people, increases your ability to fully immerse in the culture, and leads to a better understanding of the world. It’s especially wise to learn many languages when pursuing a remote career. Land more clients, build stronger relationships and protect your reputation through speaking multiple languages.

Here’s some language learning apps to get the ball rolling:

1. Google Translate: Your on-the-go language app. Quickly type in the word or phrase you’d like to say and Google will send you a response. You can also use this to translate menus, books and other resources in a different language.

2. Duolingo: Learn anytime, anywhere. This gaming app turns learning a language into a fun and entertaining challenge. Make the most of your break-time or commutes by downloading this app for your iPhone and Android.

3. AnkiMobile Flashcards: A robust, intelligent flashcard program that’s available for iPhones and iPads. This open-sourced application covers just about every subject out there. Decks of flashcards are provided by users and include audio or images.

4. MindSnacks: Out of all the language apps listed, MindSnacks is by far the most fun. Through simple games, this app teaches you vocabulary and grammar. It will keep you motivated and progressive by providing your personal stats.

5. Rosetta Course: The granddaddy of language courses. Download their apps to continue discovering new words on the go. They offer a suite of mobile applications to enhance your learning experience into mobile mode.

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