Technology allows constant connection with friends and family. To the point where it’s hard to imagine life without those instant interactions. And fear not – even when you’re thousands of miles away with hard-to-find WIFI, there are plenty of options to remain connected.

Let us present GlobeKick’s Top 5 Favorite Apps to stay in touch while abroad.

Whatsapp: This messaging and calling app boils down to one word: free. Connect with loved ones with no charge wherever there’s WIFI. Keep your eyes peeled on the front door of coffee shops and bars. Most have signs letting customers know if there’s WIFI access.

Skype: For the business person on the go. Use this app to connect with coworkers on a group video call, messaging, voicemails, screen sharing, and file sharing – seamlessly.

Facebook: Yes… Facebook. This social media platform consistently updates to the latest communications needs. Share a photo of a meal in Lisbon while messaging your sister on the most recent escapades in Valencia. And hey – why not attempt to a live video share running with the bulls. GOOD LUCK. Facebook is easy, accessible and offers multiple factors to remain connected.

SnapChat: With the added messaging feature, SnapChat is extremely reliable while abroad. Stay in the moment while catching up with friends via live images and videos.

LINE: Emoji lovers rejoice. Proclaimed as the “world’s largest avatar network,” this fun messaging app allows users to communicate with a surplus of “stickers” (aka emojis). Send texts, images, videos and even play some games.

Keep in touch while savoring every moment.


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