Vibrant colors everywhere you turn. The sight of freshly dyed scarves. The potent smell of moroccan spices. The sound of motorbikes zooming by. Senses fully stimulated.

People grabbing at your arm as they beckon you to come into their shop. Motorbikes clicking at your heels speeding through overcrowded streets. In the distance, you hear snake charmers. There’s shouting and laughter echoing throughout the halls. You’re tense. This environment is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Souvenirs dangle from every doorway and floods of energy pour out of each and every crack in the wall.  

Welcome to the Souks of Morocco. 

During the last GlobeKick trip, our crew visited Marrakesh, Morocco. This culture is vastly different and can feel a bit overwhelming. Especially when trying to maintain focus for work, communicate with locals, and make a purchase.

Jamie DeBole (Founder of GlobeKick): “It’s an enormous haggling process. There are shopkeepers selling the same items and trying every which way to get you to purchase from them. It’s intense.

I was on the verge of being overwhelmed. Then paused. 

While taking a deep breath, I stepped outside of my thoughts. I quit thinking about how I felt, and connected to my surroundings. The shopkeeper is there every day… providing for his family. His competitors in the alley have the same purpose. Their end goal isn’t to hassle me – but to make a better livelihood.

I spotted a chess set for my dad and dived into the experience. 

After approaching the shopkeeper, we started a little conversation. It turns out he makes a living by engraving designs into wood using his toes. His excitement and passion for his work was contagious. He even found time to create a unique chess piece on the spot to give to my dad. 
It was a small moment. But those instances add up to make your life more complete.

Go about your life bringing awareness to your thoughts and actions. Don’t let fear make the moment pass by.”

Keep your mind open.

Bring awareness to your thoughts.

Follow through with your actions. 

Stay Adventurous,

P.s – Ever have an experience like this? Share a moment of mindfulness in the comments below.

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