Jamie DeBole, Founder of GlobeKick, is the embodiment of a digital nomad. A career choice he is so passionate about – he’s giving others the opportunity to become one, too. His inquisitive nature propelled him to travel the world and seek alternative work options. While many people strive for an adventurous career – Jamie is making it happen. And sharing the experience for everyone.

But for many – money becomes the leading roadblock.

And he knows this. That’s why we sat down to sculpt out a plan for penny-pinching-explorers who want to build an international network of personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.

But first – let’s get the rundown from the man himself.

1. What is GlobeKick?

JD: GlobeKick is leading a movement of digital nomads and remote workers who want to travel the world while advancing their career within a community of like-minded individuals. We give remote professionals the freedom to travel in a way that makes them more productive and successful.

We recognize a changing value structure in the workplace where technology has advanced to the point that you can bring your work on the road and be equally (if not more) productive. Gone are the days of a traditional 9-to-5. Gone are the days where leaving the office meant your work day is complete.

The communities we’re creating are comprised of people who are eager to explore, challenge themselves, meet new people, learn new things and improve themselves as both individuals and professionals while living a lifestyle in line with their value structures. All these attributes lead to a happier, fulfilled, more productive employee.

2. But can I afford it?

JD: We have this idea of security. Go to school. Get a job. Follow these rules. Be secure. These set of values existed when the work structure was much different. Right now, 60% of millennials are open to a job change. People are searching for more meaningful work. So to me, security and affordability boil down to this question: Do I sacrifice my dream for a perceived level of security? Living a life of purpose and self-fulfillment always outweigh the preconceived notion of security

So if you have this dream…

You’re giving up more by not doing it.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to us.

Not living your dreams is the highest price you can pay.

When you factor in what it is to live in the US – rent, food, a standard existence – we’re on par with what average Americans spend on a day-to-day. Except we’re doing it in different countries. Countries that are less expensive than the US. And we’re doing it with an opportunity to advance your career.

The people you’ll meet and fulfillment you’ll gain is invaluable.

You will come back with more clarity around what you’re doing with your career and life. Traveling to places outside your comfort zone presents it’s own set of challenges. Having the GlobeKick community along your side to face challenges and grow is our way of life. Let’s change the way the world works. Together.

So you tell me. The cost of not doing this seems a lot higher than embracing the journey with us.

3. Fine. You got me. So what steps should I take to afford GlobeKick?

JD: Do this

  1. Set a financial plan.
  2. Map out a career path that can involve help from fellow GlobeKick travelers and the guidance of our staff. (We had 5 GlobeKickers spearhead their companies while abroad on our last trip.)
  3. Recognize the skills you have to differentiate – thrive on them.
  4. Look for more creative ways to become a freelancer (Represent your skills on UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer)
  5. Pitch your trip to companies who have interests in the professional expertise and values GlobeKick provides.

If you have questions or seeking more inspiration – reach out to us here: 

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