It’s no secret.

Maintaining a remote-work lifestyle isn’t easy. And we’ll be honest, it’s not for everyone! But thankfully there are obtainable traits that ensure success for those who can make this lifestyle work for them.

As a digital nomad, there’s always going to be a new town to explore, or a beautiful ocean to dip your toes in. But we want you to succeed. We want you to achieve your dreams. We want you to hike mountains in the morning and close deals with clients by noon.  Utilize these skills below and take hold of your career.

1. Self Discipline: Without having the pressure of someone on your back, making sure work gets done is all up to YOU. Choosing this career path is a great learning experience on how far you can push your boundaries, mentally and physically within the work world. Some people thrive with this challenge. You can always work a little bit more. Read a little bit more. Make a few more edits. Creating a daily calendar and sticking to it is the first step to success in the remote-work field. Take on the challenge. Surprise yourself. It’s totally worth it.

2. Flexibility (and patience!): Things will go awry in ways unimaginable outside the office. Be flexible when a client changes the meeting time. Adjust the timeframe when you work due to client or company timezones. Don’t give up when things start to go unplanned. Use that time to tweak and adjust to better prepare yourself and your business in the future. See challenges as a lesson rather than an obstacle. They enter your life to force you to be uncomfortable, seek new ideas and grow. Embrace the challenges. Be flexible and have confidence that you are still in control.

3. Communication: This skill is VITAL. It doesn’t matter what you do in life – strong communication skills will take you far. Especially when working remotely. Your coworkers are no longer just a desk away or in the other conference room. Stay in constant contact and update one another of steps in every project. Make your emails clear and concise. Be sure to solidify your copywriting skills. Writing is the art of crafting persuasive text. Perfect your business success by effectively communicating and painting a clear picture with your words.

Even if these skills don’t come naturally to you, do one thing each day that will help you grow your abilities. Keep track of how much you do in one day and how much more you could do. Notice when you’re feeling stressed and take action. Now it’s time to be flexible, patient and challenge yourself. And the more you communicate, the more successful you’ll be.

Stay Adventurous,


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