Turn homesickness into a gift.

A skyline appears, the plane lands and life is blissful. Open arms of fellow travelers greet every moment like it’s the last while seizing every opportunity. Wine tastes sweeter. Food is fresher. The world seems to dazzle.

A few weeks pass.

That blanket feels scratchy. The pillowcase is stiff. The room smells funny and your pup isn’t warming your toes at the end of the bed. Tossing and turning it’s suddenly hard to fall asleep. Social media is bombarded with photos of friends together for birthdays, holidays and little moments that seem irrelevant yet you want to be there. 

So it happened. The adrenaline rush of travel dies down, and real life sinks in. Homesickness seeps through your chest and teleportation sounds amazing.

Time to fight back.

Don’t let homesickness convolute the valuable time abroad. Whenever there are chances of missing home, take that as a sign of gratitude. Missing anything is bittersweet. Jot down in your journal what you miss, why, and reach out to that person when you can. Being away from home is precious time allowing travelers to become aware of the people and things that truly matter to them.

So every time a ping of homesickness creeps up into your thoughts…



Take gratitude in the gift of missing things. The ability to control those thoughts and churn them into gratuity will keep your mind at peace and heart open. 


Stay Adventurous,


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