Phone rings twice. 

It’s an email alert. 

Netflix binge on pause as you leap towards your phone eager to check that inbox.

Hands a bit shaky while your thumb swipes through to open yet another rejection letter. Heart sinks. Anxiety creeps. You feel stuck in your job, and life is monotonous. 

Everyone’s been there. And if they haven’t, there’s a high chance some day they will. When it seems you tried every job finding resource – there might be an option you haven’t considered…

Apply Abroad.

Take every rejection email as a sign leading towards your true path. Take any dead end job as a lesson. Take any stifling boss as a lesson. It’s not what you need. It’s not what you deserve. So the Monday through Friday 9 to 5ers aren’t working out. Don’t waste time over-analyzing why. Understand when things are no longer serving you and move forward. And there’s especially no time to compare your path to others’. Rather – Get ready. Roll up your sleeves to start the new chapter of your story.

Where to begin?

Here’s a handpicked selection of GlobeKick’s favorite sites for finding remote work:

We Work Remotely: From web design to programming to customer service, this job board catches a broad range of open positions around the globe. Be prepared for posts about the latest tech companies.

FlexJobs: With their catchphrase “Life is flexible. Is your job?,” FlexJobs celebrate the remote-work lifestyle. The site is innovative and professional to find the best flexible jobs available.

Remotive: Remote Work + Productive = Remotive. This bi-weekly newsletter sends tips and job openings. Be sure to sign up to solidify all possible connections.

Skip The Drive: Geared towards those seeking online, virtual, telecommuting, telework and work-from-home positions. Skip The Drive is free, simple and passionate about finding the ideal career for you.

REMOTE.CO: Emphasizes jobs for recruiters, designers, developers, customer service professionals, and sales. Provides a hand-curated list showcasing the cream-of-the-crop remote work opportunities. Grow remotely. Launch your career anywhere.

Now get going! We can’t wait till you receive the acceptance letter you deserve.

Stay Adventurous,


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