“A passive approach to professional growth will leave you by the wayside.”  -Tom Peters 

The final two weeks spent in Lisbon saw us transcend out of the mental and spiritual aspects of personal growth. We focused instead on career development and advancement, both of which are core to GlobeKick’s ideology that professional and personal progression can be attained while traveling.

GlobeKick Co-Founder Russ Briscoe conducted hour-long table meetings between the GlobeKickers, and each of us openly discussed how we came to be digital working nomads. Our answers were very different, leading us to realize just how easy it is to seamlessly take work across the ocean.

For a few of us, the answer was the same: we had worked behind desks for years and finally realized the value of our work; when faced with losing us as employees, our individual employers offered us work as independent contractors. We had established a repertoire of being devoted and hard-working employees and, in turn, we were finally rewarded with a chance to spread our wings wider than we ever thought possible.

Each of us was encouraged to discuss what we specifically do for our companies and careers and where we see ourselves in the future. We were asked to mentally examine how we planned to get there over the course of the next five to ten years. Finally, we were made to consider what we are best at. It was a humbling chance for us to pinpoint where our professional strengths lie, and how best to utilize them.

Some of our GlobeKickers’ best talents include: 

– Efficiently communicating to a target audience
– Simplifying complex information and distilling it down into the essential
– Public speaking and active listening
– Transforming someone else’s ideas into coherent words
– Entrepreneurial focus and time planning
– Attention to detail
– Asking questions to further understand a potential client
– Editing and organization
– Taking over the world! (Yep, somebody said it)

Is being a digital nomad easy? Absolutely not. Maintaining a progressive daily work schedule combined with collaborating on personal projects (not to mention exploring the streets of beautiful Lady Lisboa) can be rather exhausting. What better way to reward ourselves than to explore the coastline of Portugal on weekends? Many GlobeKickers used our final two weekends in Portugal to individually explore such nearby gems as Porto, Lagos, Evora, Sesimbra, Praia do Meco… one or two even ventured back to unforgettable Sintra.

Intent on relishing the bonds that we’ve made in the first leg of our Mediterranean adventure, the GlobeKick family took to the riverside and enjoyed a final night under the stars, complete with a mountain of pastel de nata, meats and cheeses, pizza, cheesecake and (quite astoundingly) twelve bottles of wine. Watch the video here!

Next up on the journey: Valencia, Spain! Stay tuned.

– Nick Holloway, GlobeKicker