To say that the first week of GlobeKick’s maiden voyage (Taurus) has been eventful would be a colossal understatement. Our first seven days in Lisbon have been loaded with meditative introspection we’d never experienced before, new varietals of wine we’ll never be able to live without and new friends we’ll never forget.

First and foremost: GlobeKick would like to sincerely acknowledge the good-humored, welcoming hearts of the Portuguese people, specifically those in the subtle yet playfully boisterous capital of Lisbon. Many of us joke that if San Francisco and Rome had a baby, its name would be Lisbon.

We spend our days in a swanky corner of town deemed the LX Factory, where our Taurus headquarters is set up. Prior to fleshing out a good day’s work, we indulge in some fresh Portuguese espresso, a pastel de nata and (for more than a few of us) a slice of ol’ fashioned cheesecake. We follow with reflective meditation and yoga, led by our exceptionally thoughtful program leader. She is constantly encouraging us to seek balance and harmony in all that we do. Thanks for all that you do, Aliyah!

When it comes to getting our work done, waking up in a city this stunning beats any cup o’ joe. We enjoy the little quirks of our co-work space, specifically the striking views of Porto de Lisboa, 25 de Abril Bridge, and much of the southern edge of the city. We devote the day to our jobs so that we may peruse and relish the energetic streets at night. We share the professional talents we each possess in order to help each other be the best at our individual careers. We lift each other up when we are feeling drained and are constantly sharing insight when it is needed…

We are, by definition, the GlobeKick family.

Lisbon is a city of cobble, where the roads are nearly empty during the day but suddenly explode with life when the sun sets. The webs of medieval alleyways boast an unlimited array of curio shops, butcheries, wineries, bars, restaurants, and pastelarias. It is deemed way too early to eat dinner before 9 PM, and dinner must always be complimented with lots and lots (…and lots…) of wine.

After dinner, we each indulge in our respective tastes of Lisbon nightlife, be it the beautiful melancholy of live Fado music, the intensity of dubstep nightclubs, or in our apartments enjoying a bottle of the best vinho tinto you can buy with a €2 coin. Twinkling light bulbs hang over the avenues and are draped in red, green, yellow and purple streamers. There is constant motion, infectious laughter and color in the air.

Lisbon is our new carnival, our own Mediterranean Fair.

Nick, GlobeKicker

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