10 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Everyone wants to travel but cost always seems to be the biggest factor.  Here are 10 tips to help you find the cheapest flight out there.

1.Be Flexible

Being flexible is key while traveling and is especially key when planning your flights. Changing a flight from a Sunday to a Monday can make a huge difference in price. So when planning a trip try to be flexible on your travel dates.

2.Browse Privately

Browsing under the Google Chrome Incognito feature or privately browsing can help you locate the cheapest flights. When you search for a flight often enough the prices of the flights will increase based on website cookies. When you browse the internet privately the internet can not make website cookies for you. Therefore, you will be able to find the lowest price available.

3.Check Multiple Search Sites

Make sure to compare flight costs from multiple outlets. If you like Google Flights be sure to check Hopper or Skyscanner to double check that you are getting the best price. Sometimes the airlines will have the lowest prices so it is important to do your research.

4.Earn Points

If you like to travel and do not own an airline credit card or a traveling credit card you must be living under a rock. Travel credit card are incredible. I have flown over the past 5 years at least 10 roundtrip flights with only points and one of the flights was to Paris. Credit card points can add up quickly and be beneficial.

5.Shop for Deals

When planning a trip be open to a new place or route. There are many companies that offer cheapest flight of the day or route maps allow you to see your options. You might look at route map and find out that from your airport it’s only a $200 roundtrip to fly to Miami. Keep an open mind when planning!

6.Layovers are Fun!

Nonstop flights are incredible but also can cost hundreds of dollars more. So when choosing flights be ok with a layover. Take this time to catch up on emails, read a new book or go shopping.

7.Fly into Major Airports

When flying to a smaller destination try to fly into a major airport. The ticket price will be less expensive for a major airport than a smaller one. So look into trains, buses, or renting a car to get to your final destination.

8.Budget Airlines are the Cat’s Pajamas

Flying on a budget airline is a great way to save money but you need to know all the tricks. When flying a budget airline choosing a seat cost money, carry-on bags cost money, and snacks/beverages on board usually cost money. If you are ok with a normal experience and can travel lightly than budget airlines are perfect for you.


Buying at the right time is everything. Based on research from Cheapair.com the best time to purchase an airline ticket is 54 days prior to taking off. You should be fine booking between 30-100 days and anything closer than 30 days the prices will be high.

10.Sign up for Flight Alerts

Most airline websites have flight alerts so you can track the best time to buy. These alerts will also give you a heads up about other flight deals in the future. I would recommend signing up for a few.

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