GlobeKick is for the explorer. The curious ones, who are filled with youthful enthusiasm for new adventures and impactful experiences. Those who know that material possessions are fleeting, but meaningful connection and friendships last a lifetime.

Our kindred are this generation of seekers. Those who actively pursue our highest potential and unapologetically challenge the cultural dogmas that lead to traps of suffering by our own designs.

We are GlobeKick. A community of modern explorers who say fuck yes to life while positively impacting the lives we touch – one conversation, one act of kindness, and one new friendship at a time. 

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“I went to Portugal with GlobeKick in August and it was hands down the best trip I’ve ever taken!! The people I met were amazing, the workshops were dope and we had a different adventure every night! Definitely recommend this tribe to travel with, you won’t regret it  #Justdoit”

Eddie Urena

“An experience of a lifetime. What sets GlobeKick apart is their focus on community. Certain activities lead by GlobeKick helped knit members of the community in lasting relationships. With GK, I found a support circle whom I trust for feedback on my creative projects as well as a fun group of people to travel with!”

Neha Khullar

“The relationships that have come from this experience are so much greater than any expectation I had and will truly last a lifetime. Would recommend GK to anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone and learn a lot about themselves. So much love for Globekick.”

Brittany Wheeler

“For me, GK was a multi-faceted experience of personal + professional development, health + wellness, cultural immersion and transformation through travel. I went from feeling complacent in my 9-5 to making friends with strangers around the world and living each day with more intention, passion and purpose.”

Emery Earnhardt

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