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One of the biggest regrets that people have at the end of their lives is that they wished
traveled and experienced the world.

Planning a trip takes a lot of time and effort. 

You can waste endless hours searching through
hundreds of travel websites with conflicting reviews.

And if you do find a trip you like, it's impossible
to know
if you're getting the best deal, if it will match the marketing hype,
or if you're going to like the other travelers.

So no matter how hard you search, you'll never feel confident that you're embarking on the
perfect trip with the right travel companions.

You deserve better. You should be able to
travel o
n a budget. Stress-free.

And be able to share amazing experiences with a like-minded travel tribe.

That's why we started

How It Works

We find the cheapest deals on the trips, tours, and activities you love

  • Learn Your Adventure Score™

    Take the GlobeKick Discovery Quiz and our scientifically-backed formula will reveal your unique Adventure Score™ & Travel Style. It's a personality test - just for travelers.

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  • Become an Adventurer

    Become a member and our system will scan thousands of databases to find you the cheapest deals on the trips, tours, excursions, and activities that best match your Adventure Score™ & Travel Style. We share our best findings for you to choose from. Book directly with the provider - no 'middleman' or agent is involved. 

  • Explore The World With Friends

    Connect with other travelers who share your same interests and travel style within our community platform. Easily travel together and build lifelong friendships with amazing people from around the world. Explore all the benefits that you'll love.

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Member Since 2018


On my first GlobeKick trip, I didn’t know a single person. I was so nervous. Was I really getting ready to spend a week in Morocco with a bunch of strangers? After a few days though, I knew I’d met people who would become lifelong friends. GlobeKick is doing something magical in bringing together warm, open-minded and genuine people from different backgrounds and connecting them through travel. GlobeKick has given me my best vacations and some of my best friends.

Gwen Fenzel - Ring Leader

Member Since 2018


It’s simple. I want to travel, learn, grow, and share what I see through my lens. Being surrounded by great people makes it that much more rewarding! 

Zishan Ali - Ring Leader

Member Since 2018


GlobeKick has changed my life. Their excellent planning and attention to detail provided extraordinary cultural experiences I would not have experienced on my own. My worldview expanded with each trip and the friendships created along the way are ones I will cherish forever. GlobeKick taught me to conquer my fears and inspired me to continue exploring. I can’t wait to travel with them again soon.

Katherine Mayer - The Survivor

Member Since 2018


I’m trusting GlobeKick with all my vacation days from now on.

Tracy Catlin - The Warrior 

Member Since 2018


GlobeKick is amazing! So glad I took the opportunity in 2018 to book all my vacations days with GlobeKick. The adventures were all incredible and unforgettable. I expected to have great experiences but never expected to make such great friends as well. A very unique experience that I would highly recommend to any traveler.

Katie Eaton - The Pioneer

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  • Learn your unqiue Adventure Score™ & Travel Style
  • Learn your comfort zone across 6 different categories of adventure, & what each category reveals about your travel interests
  • Learn the importance of traveling with new friends who share your similar style of travel
  • Learn how to use your results to have optimal travel experiences
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  • Get the cheapest deals on trips, tours, excursions, and activities that match your Adventure Score & Travel Style
  • Join a global community of travelers who share similar values and interests
  • Effortlessly travel with other members of the community
  • Exclusive opportunities to earn rewards & get paid to travel
  • Learn insider travel hacks from experts around the world
  • Membership includes one free week of travel insurance
  • Support environmental protection simply by being a member

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