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Member Since 2018


On my first GlobeKick trip, I didn’t know a single person. I was so nervous. Was I really getting ready to spend a week in Morocco with a bunch of strangers? After a few days though, I knew I’d met people who would become lifelong friends. GlobeKick is doing something magical in bringing together warm, open-minded and genuine people from different backgrounds and connecting them through travel. GlobeKick has given me my best vacations and some of my best friends.

Gwen Fenzel - Ring Leader

Member Since 2018


It’s simple. I want to travel, learn, grow, and share what I see through my lens. Being surrounded by great people makes it that much more rewarding! 

Zishan Ali - Ring Leader

Member Since 2018


GlobeKick has changed my life. Their excellent planning and attention to detail provided extraordinary cultural experiences I would not have experienced on my own. My worldview expanded with each trip and the friendships created along the way are ones I will cherish forever. GlobeKick taught me to conquer my fears and inspired me to continue exploring. I can’t wait to travel with them again soon.

Katherine Mayer - The Survivor

Member Since 2018


I’m trusting GlobeKick with all my vacation days from now on.

Tracy Catlin - The Warrior 

Member Since 2018


GlobeKick is amazing! So glad I took the opportunity in 2018 to book all my vacations days with GlobeKick. The adventures were all incredible and unforgettable. I expected to have great experiences but never expected to make such great friends as well. A very unique experience that I would highly recommend to any traveler.

Katie Eaton - The Pioneer

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Discounted Adventures

Here are some of our favorites. Hover over image to view details. 

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Scuba Dive the Maldives

Non-member price = $1,200+
Member price = $900+

Includes one full week of lodging, yoga 2x day, transfers, excursions, and more. 

Dogsled and Chase The Northern Lights in Norway

Non-member price = $2,600+ 
Member price = $1,150
6 nights of housing, transport from Tromso, most meals, guided Arctic exploration, dogsledding & Northern Lights chase, and more. 

Rejuvenate with a Yoga Retreat in Bali

Non-member price = $2,200+
Member-price = $1,980+

Includes 6 nights of accommodations in a luxury villa in Ubud, meals, and more. 

Camel Trek & Glamp in the Sahara Desert

Non-member price = $2,000+ 
Member price = $950
Includes 6 nights of housing (riad housing in Marrakech, luxury tent in Sahara), in-country transport, most meals, guided tours of Marrakech, cooking class, ATV riding, camel-trekking, and more. 

Recharge on a Private Islands in the Philippines

Non-member price = $1,900+
Member price = $1,710
Includes 6 days and 7 nights, meals, snorkeling from your own private beach, island hopping throughout the archipelago, 1 - 2 yoga/movement classes every day, private transport during the retreat, and more. 

Live on an Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia

Non-member price = $2,400+
Member price = $950
6 nights of housing, transport from Phnom Penh, most meals, guided excursions including the S-21 prison and killing fields, 3 days / 2 nights at an Elephant Sanctuary in Mondulkiri, and more. 

Yoga, Movement, and Meditation on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Non-member price = $2,450+
Member price = $2,205+
Includes 6 days of yoga, meditation, fresh cuisine, and more at a luxury villa just 25 minutes from Dubrovnik. 

Explore the Amazon from a Treehouse Lodge

Non-member price = $700+
Member price = $595+

Includes 3 days and 2 nights, lodging, meals, transfers, excursions, and more. 

Cruise Halong Bay, Vietnam

Non-member price = $400+ 
Member price = $288+

Includes 3 days aboard a luxury river boat, all meals, kayaking, Tai Chi lessons, and more. 

See the The Northern Lights from a Glass Igloo in Finland

Non-member price = $1,250+
Member-price = $1,110+

Explore Norway & Finland on a 6 day & 6 night trip. Includes in-country transport, accommodations in both hotel and glass igloo, most meals, and more. 

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Normally $1,200+
Member price = $900+

Includes 6 days & 5 nights with guides, lodging, meals, transfers, and more. 

Yoga, Surf, and Soul in Sri Lanka

Non-member price = $2,200+
Member price = $1,980+
Includes 6 days of yoga, surfing, rejuvenation, and Ayurvedic healing at a luxury resort in Sri Lanka. 

Recharge with a Nature and Wellness Retreat in Colombia

Non-member price = $2,000+
Member price = $1,800+
Includes 6 days of yoga, meals, a tubing trip, an immersive Kogi ceremony, a guided hike to the sacred lagoon, and more.

Wildlife Safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Details coming soon.

Oaxaca Wellness Retreat

Non-member price = $2,100+
Member-price = $1,890+

Includes 6 nights of accommodations in a luxury villa, meals, cooking classes, mezcal tasting, and more. 

Explore The Galapagos

Non-member price = $2,600+
Member-price = $2,200+ 

5-day, 7-day, and 10-day sailing trips through the Galapagos that include meals, transfers, excursions, and more. 

Hike & Horseback Ride Through Patagonia

Details coming soon.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Details coming soon. 

Sail the British Virgin Islands

Charter a boat in the British Virgin Islands. Member price = $125 per day 

Explore South Africa and Cage Dive with Great Whites

Details coming soon. 

Observe Orangutans in the Remote Jungles of Borneo, Malaysia

Details coming soon. 



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