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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We’re true travelers. The kind you meet at some out-of-the-way beach bar in Costa Rica, 100ft from the sand, waiting on the perfect surf. The kind who are eager to share advice about finding nearby off-the-beaten path gems that don’t show up in guide books. And the kind who value meaningful friendships over material possessions. Stories over stuff. We are GlobeKickers.

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We’ve created the world’s leading network of global travelers to help you amplify your life and your travel. Our members build cross-cultural friendships with other travelers from around the world while gaining insider knowledge on the latest off-the-beaten-path travel destinations and travel hacks. Join a like-minded community of adventurers and see how easy it is to enjoy a life filled with incredible experiences without breaking the bank.

Share your knowledge with other members and you’ll be rewarded with exclusive discounts on curated travel experiences and travel products simply for being a valuable member of our community.

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From Our Members

I never expected to make such great friends through GlobeKick. – Katie Eaton

It’s incredible to connect with people from all over the world. My goal is to have friends in every country so that wherever I go in the world, I always have friends. – Doug Dyer

I’ve gained so much from the people in this community. – Mary Murphy

I’m trusting GlobeKick with all my vacation days from now on. – Tracy Catlin


From Our Members

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